All orders will be shipped as registered mail with a tracking number.

Express mail is available upon your request.

Please allow 3 to 4 weeks for any special orders (size adjusting, substituting materials,etc.)

All orders will be secured with bubble wrap in a shipping box. All jewelry comes with a gift box as well.

Custom order

Depending on the design of a ring, we can change the size between US 7 to 10.

Please feel free to ask us if you have any requests.

Products care

Every piece of creates is thoughtfully designed and delicately handcrafted.

Follow these simple guidelines to ensure your jewelry will always stay beautiful.

Apply all beauty products, such as perfume, hairspray or deodorant, before putting on your jewelry.

Jewelry should be removed prior to swimming or doing household chores which involve the use of abrasive cleaners

or chemicals.


Wipe your jewelry gently with a soft cloth after you have worn it.

If you would like to restore your jewelry’s lustrous finish, a soft brush (such as a toothbrush)and a mild

detergent will easily and swiftly remove any signs of tarnish.

Then rinse the piece and set it on a paper towel to dry.

You can also use a silver polishing cloth, which is available from most jewelers.

Silver dipping solutions are also helpful for detailed pieces.

Please avoid wearing your jewelry in natural hot springs, as silver tarnishes a great deal when exposed to salty

water and products containing sulfur.

(For Oxidized Silver: Excessive cleaning may remove its finish.Please avoid ultrasonic cleaning or any form of

liquid  cleaning.)

Gold and Platinum

Wipe your jewelry gently with a soft cloth after you have worn it and store it in a cool, dry place.

Diamonds and Other Gemstones

Wipe your jewelry gently with a soft cloth after you have worn it.

other next to other jewelry pieces as this may lead to unsightly scratches.

Our policy

In case the item needs to be repaired either before or after use, please ship it to us.

We will repair it either for free or at a charge depending on the condition.

Please note that any shipping, handling and bank fees incurred are your responsibility.